Elise Black's  varied body of work is a marriage of creative paths the artist has taken as a painter, sculptor and designer. It is the culmination of a life-long creative journey of exploration and expression…allowing her different mediums to impact and inform each other.   This cross-pollination of ideas also incorporates a fascination with found and unconventional materials: some functional, some mundane some decorative, as well as the by products of current and defunct industries. These unconventional materials and found objects are considered for the unexplored possibilities they possess and the random juxtaposition that re- contextualizes those objects when elevated to "art" such as the "readymades" of Marcel Duchamp.

"Reconstituted Abstraction" is a term the artist coined that best describes her process of dissolution and reconstitution.   Paintings may begin on canvas or board but often divert from there, imposing upon the negative space around it by extending the existing planes. This dimensionality is achieved through collage and assemblage techniques.some paintings becoming so dimensional as to be more aptly referred to as painted assemblages reminiscent of the Combines of Rauchenberg from the 50's.

Materials utilized in Black's work often include leather, fabric, yarn, glass, wood, metal, furniture parts, antique artifacts, hardware, precious stone and other found objects deemed worthy by virtue of its' inherent or potential beauty. It's not important what their intended use was in a previous life. Instead, they are celebrated for their intrinsic beauty and form. Wheels are a recurring presence as they allude to the cyclical nature of these reconstituted entities. That many of her found objects have a storied past only adds to their allure and infuses each new incarnation as a work of art with a sense of nostalgia, sentimentality and soulfulness.

Black's work appears in corporate and private collections worldwide and is included in the Permanent Art Collection of the town of Westport Ct. where the artist resides, as well as the Lower East Side in NYC. 




• Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC 1979-1982

• Postgraduate studies include clay sculpture at F.I.T. with Jerry Luisi 1986-1988

• Metal Fabrication at Silvermine School of Art, New Canaan, Ct. 1992-2001



New York Society of Women Artists

Society of Ct. Sculptors

New Canaan Sculpture Association


Selected Art Exhibitions 1996 to Present


1996    Whitney Gallery, Westport, Ct

1996     Nature Center, Westport, Ct

1997    Get Real Art, NYC

1998     “Global Vision”, Savacou Gallery, NYC

2001     125 Main Street, Westport, Ct. “Humanform” a one-woman multi-media installation in atrium(2001    

             to 2008). 

2002     Westport Arts Center, Westport, Ct

2003     James Beard House, NYC

2004     Pleiades Gallery, NYC , New York Society of Women Artists

2004     Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, ct. NYSWA

2005     Carriage Barn, New Canaan, Ct. 80th anniversary show of NYSWA

2006     Westport Arts Center, Westport, Ct.

2007     “Emergence” one woman show at ChiArtcentre, Westport, Ct. (2007-2008) 

2008     “The Circus in Sculpture”, Barnum Museum

2009     Westport Arts Center

2009     “Coloring Outside The Lines”, Great Hall, Westport Library

2010     “Texturally Inspired Diverse Works” by Elise Black, Troy Fine Art, Southport, ct.

2010     Richard’s, featured artist Greenwich, Ct.

2011     Mitchell’s featured artist, Westport, Ct.

2011,     “Splash”, Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, Ct., Juror: Marianne Brunson Frisch 

    * second prize

2011     Long term sculpture installation at the MLB Fan Cave, NYC

2012    100th Anniversary of Greenwich Arts Society juried show Bendheim Gallery Greenwich, Ct. Juror:     Marla Prather, curator of 19th century modern and contemporary art, Metropolitan Museum of Art,     NYC*Prize

2012     “Explorations”: a journey of artistic possibilities, Seti Gallery, Kent, Ct 

2012    “Art Takes Time Square”, billboard premier event, NYC

2012     “Akasha”, Rockwell Fine Art, Westport, Ct.

2013     “The Sweet Art Show”, Laura’s Fine Art, Westport, ct.

2013     Mana Contemporary, Jersey City

2014   Mana Contemporary, Jersey City

2014  Affordable Art Fair, NYC

2014  Rowayton Art Center (guest juror)

2014  "Necessity", LeClerc Gallery, Norwalk,Ct.

2015  Affordable Art Fair, NYC

2015  ArtHamptons

2015 Ct. Affordable Art Fair, Norwalk, Ct.

2016 Ct. Affordable Art Fair, Norwalk, Ct.

2016  "What Comes to Be", Rockwell Art, Westport, Ct.

2016  "The Natural Realm", Eleish Van Breems, Westport, Ct.

2017 Love Gallery, SoNo, Ct.

2017 The Avenue Gallery, Norwalk, Ct.

2017  C.Parker Gallery, Greenwich, Ct.


Westport Permanent Art Collection

Saugatuck Elementary School, Westport, Ct.

Kings Highway Elementary School, Westport, Ct.

World Cup Nursery School, Chappaqua, NY 

Hillel, UCONN, Storrs Ct.

Governer's Mansion,  Hartford, Ct.

Various corporate and private collections